Caleidoscopio realises original theatrical productions for adults and children. Its plays are often characterised by an original dramaturgy, a contemporary style and topics that concern the social environment. Shows are indeed tout public or they are addressed to children. In fact Caleidoscopio proposes above all performances for schools, with the aim to connect them to transversal educational activities in class. At the same time Caleidoscopio promotes its own productions to theatre festivals of the area and beyond.

Apartment 19

Everyday we make decisions that influence the intricate journey of our life: following a path rather than another can bring unexpected results. Apartment 19 is a play which talks about decisions made everyday, starting from Diego’s thoughts, a young homosexual boy of 19 years, tormented by the dilemma of coming out. Inside Apartment 19 we can find human characters but they are actually something else.

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We live in the shade of endless possibilities of gestures, encounters, changes, coincidences and when we make decisions, only when we really choose it, we take back our existences, which until that moment remained on the surface, completely unexplored. The first step of the main character, Artemisia is that of choosing to live, in so doing, she will influence the life of all people who surround her, often unintentionally.

Among palace intrigues, plots with the Roman Church, unthinkable requests, King Henry VIII will be able to conquer a huge power, making his way among everything and everyone. Beyond big events, bizarre characters and dames wander in the palace rooms. They will narrate with an ironic tone the story of the King and of his crazy but majestic rise to power.